Both twins derived from zona-free oocytes, a common cause of infertility

Co-authors are Mark P. Trolice, M.D., and Yunxia Hu, Ph.D. Dr. Trolice is the Medical Director of The IVF Center and Dr. Hu is the Laboratory Director of the IVF Laboratory of Central Florida. In the article, entitled “Live Birth of Twins Derived from Zona-Free Oocytes,” the authors describe their methodology, from retrieval of the eggs to embryo implantation, which resulted in the live births of twins.

Mark P. Trolice, M.D.

The thirty-four year old woman conceived using her own eggs, all of which lacked the vital zona pellucida (ZP) – the shell around the egg essential for both successful fertilization and protection of the embryo during its journey to implantation in the uterus.

“This was the obvious cause of their infertility making natural healthy fertilization nearly impossible,” said Dr. Trolice. “After failed attempts at IVF treatment elsewhere, this couple was facing the reality they would not be able to conceive a child. Through our careful technique, we were able to successfully develop and transfer two embryos, and both implanted. The most gratifying part for us is when we see these two healthy babies with their parents, who were at one point devastated and resigned to not being able to get pregnant.”

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“Live Birth of Twins Derived From Zona-Free Oocytes” by Yunxia Hu, Ph.D. and Mark P. Trolice, MD for Fertility and Sterility, February 2016.