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Using SART’s Predict My Success Tool

  • Visit and select the “Predict My Success” tool on the homepage.

  • Click “Go” under the “Getting Started” section.

  • Choose “SART IVF Cycle 1” if you’re using the tool before you begin treatment or use “SART Cycle 2” if all treatments in your first complete cycle have been unsuccessful and you decide to continue with IVF.

  • Enter in your information and press “Calculate Results” to see your chance of having your first baby after the 1st complete cycle of IVF.

Using SART’s Find a Clinic Tool

  • Visit and select the “Find a Clinic” tool on the homepage.

  • To review the national summary data, click “2017 National Summary” (A).

  • To find a clinic near you, enter the required information (B).

  • Choose a clinic you’d like to learn more about and then select “Success Rates and Clinic Details” to learn more about the clinic.

Dr. Trolice and the staff are amazing and the level of care is outstanding, they really take their time to get to know you and follow every step of the process. They help me complete my amazing family. I recommend them to everyone!”
– Jihan, Facebook
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