ASPIRE: Assessing the Safety of Pregnancy In the CoRonavirus PandEmic

A nationwide prospective cohort study of pregnant women and their offspring during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study is being done to help understand the spread of COVID-19 infection among pregnant women and how an infection might affect the health and wellbeing of pregnant mothers and their babies.

ASPIRE is a prospective study of 10,000 women recruited in early pregnancy. Pregnant women between the gestational ages of 4-10 weeks are eligible to participate, including IVF, IUI or spontaneous conceptions. The four main elements of participation include the following:

  1. Sero-surveillance for COVID-19 antibodies throughout pregnancy using blood spot cards at home
  2. Symptom surveillance through mobile push notifications
  3. Questionnaires to report symptoms, obstetrical outcomes and newborn outcomes up to 18 months
  4. Release of medical records

This nationwide Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) initiative will be coordinated by the UCSF Core Research Team.

  • All patients achieving pregnancy via IVF, IUI, SI and spontaneously, from April 30, 2020, through December 31st, 2020, are invited to participate in this study.
  • Patient enrollment in the study is self-directed and voluntary.
  • Local IRB approval is not required.
  • Participation is completely voluntary.