In honor of PCOS Awareness Month and #PCOSChallenge, we took part in an informative and empowering event that sheds light on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – a condition that affects millions of women worldwide. 

The PCOS Awareness Symposium, led by Dr. Mark Trolice, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand, manage, and conquer PCOS.

Take a look at this informative symposium with everything you need to know, led by doctors who have helped women overcome PCOS for over 20 years.

The Key to Overcoming PCOS: Understanding What It Is

PCOS is a complex hormonal disorder that impacts the lives of countless individuals. It’s characterized by a range of symptoms, including irregular menstrual cycles, cysts on the ovaries, and hormonal imbalances. 

To help demystify PCOS, the symposium aims to provide comprehensive insights into the condition.

Key Discussion Points:

  • PCOS Awareness Symposium 2023: A Vital Resource for Understanding and Managing PCOSWhat is PCOS?: The symposium delves into the fundamental aspects of PCOS, explaining its underlying causes, and how it affects the body. Dr. Trolice and other experts will break down the medical intricacies into easily digestible information.
  • Treatment Options: One of the highlights of the symposium is the exploration of various treatment options. Attendees will learn about groundbreaking approaches such as electrolysis, which can help manage unwanted hair growth, a common symptom of PCOS. Beyond that, the symposium will touch upon other strategies to alleviate PCOS symptoms, including dietary changes, exercise, weight management, and diabetes management.
  • Living Well with PCOS: PCOS can be a lifelong condition, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life. The symposium will provide practical advice on how to lead a fulfilling life while managing PCOS. Whether it’s adopting a balanced diet, incorporating exercise into your routine, or seeking support for associated conditions like diabetes, you’ll find guidance to enhance your overall well-being.

Why You Should Watch the Symposium

The PCOS Awareness Symposium is not just a platform for discussing PCOS; it’s a source of empowerment and knowledge. Here’s why you should tune in:

  • Expert Insights: Dr. Mark Trolice and a panel of infertility specialists will share their expertise, ensuring that you receive credible and up-to-date information on PCOS.
  • Q&A Session: Have burning questions about PCOS? The symposium includes a Q&A session, allowing you to get answers directly from the experts.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: By watching and sharing the symposium video, you’ll contribute to raising awareness about PCOS, an often-misunderstood condition. Empower yourself and others to advocate for better PCOS care and support.

Is PCOS Affecting Your Fertility? 

PCOS Awareness Month is an opportunity to shed light on a condition that affects so many lives, but it’s a major cause of infertility. 

The PCOS Awareness Symposium, led by Dr. Mark Trolice and hosted as part of the PCOS Challenge, is your chance to gain valuable insights into PCOS, its treatment options, and strategies for living well with this condition. We encourage you to watch the symposium video, learn from the experts, and gain information to improve the lives of those affected by PCOS.

Together, we can raise awareness, advocate for better care, and ultimately conquer PCOS. Watch the symposium and take a step towards empowerment and understanding.