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Preserving Your Future Family Building with Egg Freezing

Watch our on-demand webinar with Dr. Lucy Chen to learn about egg freezing and fertility preservation.

About Your Host Dr. Lucy Chen

Lucy Chen, M.D., is dual trained in Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility and Medical Genetics. Her unique background enables her to offer comprehensive, personalized care to patients with genetic disorder concerns or reproductive issues affected by genetic conditions. Dr. Chen provides care for various reproductive issues, including endometriosis, PCOS, and fertility preservation, while also offering advanced genetic testing and counseling.

What You’ll Discover in this Webinar

  • Discover the Science of Egg Freezing: Delve into the scientific process behind egg freezing, explained in a clear and accessible manner.

  • Expert Insights from Dr. Lucy Chen, a Reproductive Endocrinologist: Benefit from the expertise of an experienced reproductive endocrinologist with a track record of empowering individuals and families on their fertility journeys.

  • Candidacy Assessment: Find out who should consider egg freezing and how to evaluate your own candidacy.

  • Insights on Ovarian Stimulation and Egg Retrieval: Understand the medications used, the art of ovarian stimulation, and the egg retrieval process.

  • Safeguarding Your Future – Egg Freezing and Storage: Explore the methods for preserving and storing your eggs, ensuring your reproductive choices are secure.

  • Compassionate Considerations: Learn how to address the emotional aspects of fertility preservation, and discover support and counseling options.

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