Mark P. Trolice, M.D., Director of The IVF CenterSM, has been named to the Physicians Council of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

RESOLVE recognizes leading physicians in the United States who value the organization’s work and are deeply committed to the RESOLVE mission. Physicians on the Council have made a significant investment annually in ensuring RESOLVE has the resources to fulfill its mission. Moreover, they offer advice, counsel, and leadership to the organization.

“I am deeply honored to have been named to the RESOLVE Physicians Council to further their mission of patient advocacy, support, and education, increasing access to fertility care and spreading awareness of all family-building options,” says Dr. Trolice.

“This dedicated and staunch organization has always provided me with the tools to empower my patients through education and support. During my own 10 years of infertility, RESOLVE helped me learn about insurance coverage and all their valuable resources to help endure the challenging road. Because of their admirable and tireless efforts, I am fully committed to furthering their purpose both locally and nationally.”


Founded in 1974, by Barbara Eck, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a 501(c)3, national patient advocacy organization. Ms. Eck founded RESOLVE because she saw a need to bring together other women facing infertility. She began the first RESOLVE support group around her kitchen table. Today, RESOLVE provides free support groups in more than 200 communities. It is the leading patient advocacy voice and serves as the go-to organization for anyone challenged in their family building.

About Dr. Trolice

Dr. Trolice is Orlando’s most-watched fertility specialist. He is interviewed regularly on TV news/talk shows, radio, podcasts, print/online magazines, and newspapers on reproductive health topics. In early 2019, he launched a podcast entitled The Fertility Health Podcast featuring discussions with national experts on pertinent infertility and reproductive medicine topics.

His current book, The Fertility Doctor’s Guide to Overcoming Infertility: Discovering Your Reproductive Potential and Maximizing Your Odds of Having a Baby, is now available for pre-order on

Dr. Trolice serves on committees for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology as well as the editorial advisory board of Ob.Gyn.News. 

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