Many alleged Fertility Aids are heavily marketed to men and women claiming to assist in expediting the time to conception. Based on the particular product, its effectiveness may vary, and the cost can be substantial.

As a service to our followers, we will provide intermittent reviews of products. Our purpose will always be to empower you with knowledge, dispel misinformation, and avoid unnecessary expense.

So when our patients come to us with questions about products on the market, we will offer our thoughts to everyone through this Buyer Bewareblog tag. 
One of our readers recently emailed us with the following question:
“I came across this article today and I was wondering if you would endorse”

Response to Question

After analyzing the product, my impression is “negative.” This is an item testing for ovulation using a very expensive method that can more easily be accomplished with minimal cost. Temperature Charting is an established fertility method for ovulation and only costs the price of a thermometer. Alternatively, urine Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK) are more accurate and cost below $20.

To provide some background, there are multiple body signs of ovulation:

  • Cervical Mucus becoming more water-like and sticky
  • Lower Abdominal Cramping
  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT) change
  • Detection of the ovulation hormone LH in Urine

Of all, BBT Charting uses the known effect of the hormone progesterone on elevating body temperature. An increase in first morning temperature above 98o F lasting for 10 or more days is consistent with normal ovulation. Unfortunately, it is not a very accurate method to time attempts at conception, and reflects normal hormonal changes of ovulation once they have occurred. Further, BBT Charting is somewhat antiquated given the OPK and inconvenient the potential of increasing a woman’s stress due to difficulty interpreting the chart.

A much more reliable and predictive method in establishing the optimal time for attempting to conceive is the simple OPK. This method measure the level of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) in the urine at the time of its surge to induce normal ovulation. Once the kit detects the high LH level, ovulation usually occurs within 24 to 36 hours. So, OPKs are our best recommendation for a proactive method of attempting to conceive.

Most importantly, optimal timing for intercourse is during the six days BEFORE ovulation in order to enhance the numbers of sperm in the reproductive tract. During these six days, the couple may have relations every day to every other day until the day following the urine kit signaling impending ovulation.

Bottom line … the infertility field is overwhelming for patients and, unfortunately, there is the potential for exploitation. We are always available to provide you the latest medical evidence to assist you in a cost effective way!

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