A few days ago we received this letter from patients Chris and Elizabeth, who are expecting their second child on May 5. We work hard to ensure that patients are well cared for and receive the best possible treatment for infertility.

That is why we wanted to share this letter, as it is a testament to both the hard work our team puts forth, and the joys of being a new parent.

Dear Dr. Trolice,

Just wanted to update you about my awesome, growing family. As you recall, my husband and I went to see you in summer of 2011 frustrated after being treated elsewhere for fertility for two years without success and with an unexplained female infertility.

You listened very closely to us and quickly told us what the issue was; PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). You recommended the ovarian drilling, which worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, during the procedure you found a mass in my Fallopian Tube, which was cancerous. The oncologist recommended I get my Fallopian Tube  and ovary removed. During this devastating time you were there to guide us on the right thing to do. I had the removal procedure in October 2011 and in that same month got pregnant with my amazing daughter, born July 2012.

Then, in the Summer of 2013, we came to you to make sure I was healthy enough to have another baby. All checked out fine, and you gave me the green light to try again. Today, I’m happy to tell you I’m expecting my second child, due on May 5th. It’s a boy!!!!!  My husband and I are so excited to give our daughter a sibling, a lifetime friend.

We just wanted to thank you again and again for being you. An amazing dedicated doctor!

Wishing you always the best,

Chris & Elizabeth

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