You can help bring the joy of life and parenthood to others by becoming an egg donor. Fertility treatments now make it possible for women to get pregnant even if their ovaries are no longer capable of producing mature healthy oocytes (eggs). In such cases, patients can receive eggs from a donor who is able to produce mature eggs thus allowing the opportunity to help dreams come true for other women and couples who may otherwise remain childless.

Genuinely motivated to help others build a family, egg donors incur no medical expenses for their participation. Upon completion of the egg donation treatment cycle, donors will be financially compensated not as a payment for the eggs, but for the
donor’s time away from employment and/or travel.

Did You Know?

In a normal conception cycle one egg is released from the ovary (ovulation) each month to be potentially fertilized by a sperm cell to create an embryo.

Through The IVF CenterSM Egg Donation program, injectable fertility drugs are given to the egg donor over a less than two week period to stimulate the development of multiple eggs in the ovaries. Following this stimulation, eggs are harvested using a process called transvaginal ultrasound guided needle aspiration performed at our surgery center under light anesthesia by physician anesthesiologists.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Egg Donor, read more on our website HERE.

What is the process for donating eggs?

An egg donor receives daily injectable medication to stimulate her ovaries for approximately 10 days to grow multiple eggs. During a brief minor procedure, the mature eggs are then harvested from the donor while she receives intravenous conscious sedation. After the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory through Assisted Reproductive Technology ( A.R.T.), one or two embryos (fertilized eggs) are implanted in the recipient’s uterus for a potential pregnancy.

The entire time from initiating a cycle until completion will be approximately 28 days, including seven to eight morning office visits.

Who qualifies to be an egg donor?

An egg donor is usually between the ages of 21-32 and meets the following criteria:

No significant medical history including hereditary genetic diseases
A Body Mass Index (BMI) < 30 (please use this link to calculate your BMI
Must have health insurance (All medical expenses for egg donation are the responsibility of the egg recipient, not the egg donor.)
Fertility C.A.R.E. is most interested in donors who are motivated to give their eggs because they want to provide the opportunity of giving the ‘gift of life’ to women and couples who may otherwise remain childless.

What screening tests are performed for an egg donor?

Blood & Drug screening – egg donors are required to have blood testing for hereditary genetic diseases, ovarian age, infectious diseases, including HIV as well as an illicit drug screen
Physical consult – egg donors will meet with a physician for an interview, review of medical records, physical exam, and explanation of procedures, including side effects and risks.
Mental Health Counselor – all egg donors will meet with a psychologist to allow them an opportunity to discuss all aspects of egg donation.

If you qualify to be a donor … next steps

Before you begin the process, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form asking you to relinquish all rights to the eggs at the time they are harvested. In addition, you will not be informed whether the person who received your eggs achieved a pregnancy.

Once the egg donor screening process is completed and you are eligible to participate in the egg donor program, you will have an appointment with our Infertility Nurse Specialist for an in-depth review of the egg donation process. At this appointment, material will be presented reviewing and demonstrating injection techniques, procedures including scheduling for the egg retrieval procedure.

Become an Egg Donor

If you or someone you know would like to give the gift of life and desire more information you can apply online, or contact us and we will send you a packet with more information and an application form.

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