Are you looking for the most straightforward pricing, research, and patient reviews about egg freezing clinics nationwide?

The IVF Center is proud to announce that we are now Freeze-verified. Launched by millennial tech pioneers, Jenny Lannon and Sidonia Swarm, Freeze is the first and only pricing database for egg freezing. Its mission is to make price transparency and selecting an egg freezing clinic as simple and straightforward as possible and help women be proactive about preserving their fertility.

Freeze helps women save time and money by providing:

  • Expert (or “Eggs”pert as they like to call it) research about the top clinics in your area plus expert content to guide you along your egg freezing journey.
  • Comprehensive pricing information so you don’t have to call around to every clinic in your area.
  • Reviews (coming soon) to discover what other women have to say about the clinics and doctors in your area.

In the past, researching how and where to freeze one’s eggs (as well as the total cost) could be time-consuming and somewhat confusing. Specific clinics may have hidden fees such as anesthesia costs, making it difficult to obtain complete and accurate information. Freeze now saves women time, money, and stress, and we are delighted to be part of the Freeze-verified network.

You can check out our Freeze-verified profile here: The IVF Center Freeze-verified