Society of Reproductive Surgeons | Videos

This page includes video resources provided by and Society of Reproductive Surgeons.

These videos provide a comprehensive understanding of the indications, techniques, and outcomes of modern reproductive surgery.


1.1 | Office Hysteroscopy: Lysis of Adhesions

1.2 | Office Hysteroscopy: Polypectomy

1.3 | Hysteroscopic Myomectomy

2.1 | Lysis of Filmy Adhesions

2.2 | Mobilization of Adherent Ovary

2.3 | Interceed Application

3.1 | Septoplasty

4.1 | Ovarian Cystectomy

4.2 | Ovarian Drilling

5.1 | Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation

5.2 | Neosalpingostomy

5.3 | Salpingectomy

6.1 | Tubal Anastomosis

7.1 | Ectopic Pregnancy

9.4 | Mossy Endometriosis Secondary to Ascites

9.17 | Linear Stapler Applied to Excide the Diseased Bowel

9.18 | Meso-Appendix Being Transected

9.19 | Securing the Base of the Appendix w/ Endoloop

9.20 | Securing the Base of the Appendix w/ a Linear Stapler

9.21 | Extrinsic Endometriosis/Ureter

9.22 | Intrinsic Endometriosis of the Ureter

9.24 | Excision of Diseased Peritoneum

9.26 | Ureter is Initially Mobilized

9.27 | Diseased Portion of the Ureter Being Resected

9.28 | Proximal & Distal Ends of the Ureter are Spatulated

9.29 | Placement of the Ureter Stent

9.30 | Tension Free Repair of Ureter

13.1 | Subinguinal Varicocele Repair

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