Here are two beautiful testimonials from Diannys and her husband Chris, and Erin, both patients diagnosed with infertility. Though the journey to starting a new family is not the same for everyone, we at The IVF Center strive to give the hope and medical care necessary to make every future parent’s dream a reality.

From Diannys and Chris

The first testimonial is from July 19, 2012, soon after Diannys gave birth to her beautiful son, Wesley. The second testimonial is from May 1, 2014, after Wesley celebrated his second birthday!

July 19, 2012

A year ago, I used to think it was never going to happen. When I made the appointment to meet Dr. Trolice, I had very little hope. When I was 15 years old, my OBGYN told me I was never going to have children, but I was never okay with it.

When we met Dr. Trolice, I knew I picked the right place. The staff was just wonderful and my nurse, Sherry, was amazing! I gained hope from the very first appointment.

Today it’s been a year since we visited the office for the first time. I type this with tears in my eyes, as my rock little baby to sleep. Thanks to all of you, a miracle was born last May 15th. Thank you so much for your support, patience, love and care. You are God’s instrument to make dreams come true.

With love,

Diannys, Chris and baby Wesley

May 1, 2014

Dear Doctor Trollice and staff: Every May we celebrate our little miracle Wesley birthday and Mother’s Day. We will never forget that it was because of you and your staff (and the help of God) that we became a family. We will always be grateful! Wesley is turning 2!!

From Erin

Dr. Trolice,

I have been a patient of yours for about 1 & 1/2 years now. I wanted to write you to express how grateful I am that you have been so kind and caring of my situation and me personally as well. I originally started at CRM and was drained financially and emotionally with no results. I thank god that I listened to my instincts and went to you for a second opinion. You helped correctly diagnose me after years of the wrong information from CRM. You helped me by performing the correct surgery, and about 6 months later I got pregnant all on my own. Even though I lost the pregnancy, I see it as a positive sign that I can get pregnant again. After my OBGYN told me to seek help front a different Doctor I trusted my instincts again and came to you.

The 3D ultrasound showed that everything was ok and I have high hopes for the future. You are a wonderful Doctor and you care so much for all your patients. I never felt like I was just another patient or a number at your office.

Thank you again for giving me hope, and for caring so much for me and my medical situation.



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