The first visit to an infertility doctor, or any doctor for that matter, can be stressful. When dealing with a subject as important as a patient’s future family, it is important for an infertility doctor to understand the anxieties that are associated with a first visit. That is why our first goal at The IVF CenterSM is to place the patient at ease while empowering her with the knowledge to “take charge of her fertility.”

During the Visit

During a new patient visit, we explain our approach to patient care, our availability to answer all questions and how our treatment plans are individualized resulting in the highest pregnancy rates in the region.  Our program does not merely focus on the medical aspect of fertility because we realize the significant physical, emotional and financial investment a patient makes during this journey.

“…our treatment plans are individualized resulting in the highest pregnancy rates in the region.”

By the time patients have a consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility specialist, they have already experienced a significant amount of worry about trying to conceive.  So, in addition to evaluating and diagnosing the cause of infertility, we discuss how their fertility problem is impacting their lives as well as reviewing stress reduction and coping strategies.  If necessary, we recommend a consultation with our Reproductive Health Counselor to explore the psychological effect of infertility.

After the Visit

Following a thorough medical interview, Dr. Trolice performs a comprehensive physical examination and pelvic ultrasound (for the woman), to explain to the patient her reproductive anatomy and reveal any findings which may contribute to a fertility problem.

The patient then reviews her evaluation and testing with one of our specialized nurses. Patient education materials are provided, along with our web site, to supplement information shared during the office visit.

Finally, patients spend time with our financial counselor to determine fertility benefits coverage and a follow-up appointment is scheduled to begin treatment.

At The IVF CenterSM we strive to educate our patients because we believe that knowledge empowers the patient.  When patients understand their bodies and the treatment options, they are much better able to “take charge of their fertility” and be proactive in their treatment.

We are Central Florida’s most successful IVF Program.

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