The Fertility Health Podcast Hosted by Mark P. Trolice, M.D., is a bi-weekly podcast to inform and educate those facing fertility challenges. Episodes launch in January and release every other week.

Dr. Trolice, one of the few infertility specialists in the world to host an infertility podcast, provides subscribers of the show with unbiased, first-hand advice and potential treatment news, tips and strategies they can use on their fertility journey.

Every episode Dr. Trolice welcomes an industry thought leader and expert to co-host to share their story of treating infertility in the digital age while reviewing and discussing the most recent infertility topics, trends and technology.

Listen in for:

  • Answers to the questions Dr. Trolice hears the most from patients
  • Inspiring stories of couples overcoming fertility hurdles on their way to having a baby
  • Explanations on fertility treatments and technology like IVF, PCOS, endometriosis, genetic screenings and more